Operations & Maintenance

At FWPC, we know what it takes to safely manage, operate and maintain your key assets and Optimize the Life Cycle Cost of a power, desalination and waste water treatment plants.

We ensure your operations are safe, reliable, and efficient through a range of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) support services. Across the spectrum of operations and maintenance activities, FWPC provides a range of services designed to augment asset operation such as O&M solutions, provision of expert services, technical support services, development of plant specific Standard Operating & Maintenance procedures for all plant equipment including power plants (OCGT/CCGT), Renewable Energy Plants (CSP/PV/Wind), Desalination Plants (MSF/MED/SWRO), and Wastewater Treatment Plants.

We are unique in what we are doing. We use insights and standard data sets from operating assets and use historical based optimized learning approach to provide optimized operation and maintenance services.

We focus on providing solutions which are based on:

  • Improved safety and integrity of Plants
  • Increase reliability and availability Plants
  • Reduce operation and maintenance cost
  • Assure compliance
  • Optimum Asset Management Strategy
  • Least life cycle cost
  • Providing advise on life time extension of the Plants.